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1. Clean the nails thoroughly and free the nails of grease with the acetone free nail polish remover from PJR Care

2. Apply the PJR Care Base Coat or PJR Care richfiller with 1 thin layer

3. Before opening the nail polish bottle, roll the bottle upside down between the palms several times. This ensures that all oils are properly mixed with the colour again and ensures that the colour is air-free.

4. Now apply 1 thin layer of PJR Care nail polish and let it dry for at least 2 minutes. For extra coverage, we now recommend applying a 2nd layer of the PJR Care nail polish on the first layer. Let this layer dry again for 2 minutes.

5. When the nail polish is completely dry, apply one thicker layer of PJR Care Mirror top coat. Allow the PJR Care Mirror top coat to cure properly.


If after a few days there are some scratches on the paint, but no real damage, 1 layer of Mirror top coat can be applied to regain the shine .

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