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Oxygen / Water permeable nail polish






• Perfect colour coverage with two layers

• Tested for oxygen permeability according to ASTM D 3985 and ISO 15105-2

• Exceptional shine

• Fast drying time



The "breathable" nail polish base is a "10/14 Free" base recommended by PJR Care Nail Polish as a premium product. Consumers today prefer nail polish products that allow oxygen / water to penetrate through the coating to reach the natural nail surface without completely removing the colour film.



Oxygen permeability and water permeability of the film makes it possible because hydrogen adheres to the oxygen allowing water to be transferred from one side of the film to the other, which means the film is "breathable". By demonstrating that oxygen can transfer from one side of the film to the other in a diffusion chamber under laboratory conditions using internationally recognized standard test methods, the water permeable test has been met.


Experimentally, a nail polish film sample is placed in a diffusion chamber separating the two halves of the chamber. Oxygen flows into the top of the chamber and an oxygen-free carrier gas flows into the other half of the film. The experiment was performed according to ASTM D 3985 and ISO 15105-2 standards. ( These exacting standards are much more technically relevant than any coffee filter and paper test ) . As oxygen molecules travel through the film and bind to the carrier gas, the concentration of the combined gases can be measured, allowing an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) to be calculated. The OTR measures how much oxygen (cm3) can move through a given film area (m2) per day, ie cm3 / m2 / day. To apply this size to a film, the size used is this OTR x micron thickness of the film or cm / m2 /


The comparative measurements of different films are then tested and calculated. Typical values ​​have been established in the industry for permeable films.

1. Highly permeable films (eg Polypropylene PP) 25,000-100,000 cm3 / m2 /

2. Permeable films (eg Polyethylene terephthalate or PET) 10,000 cm3 / m2 /

3. Impervious films (eg PVDC) 10-100 cm3 / m2 /


With the new formula, the results of the nail polish film of PJR Care nail polish were 69,700 cm3 / m2 / day. So this classifies the film as very permeable.




• Tested to pass water and oxygen through the colour film.

• A two-layer system with patented resin and suspension for excellent durability, gloss and stability and color integrity in a salon standard.

• High quality solids offer significantly improved adhesion, greater resistance to wear and water and deliver wear at a level commonly associated with formaldehyde resin products.

• Quick-drying resulting in an easy-to-apply varnish that permanently preserves the vibrancy and shine of the colours.

• Claim '10 Free '* relates to INCI list excluding:

o formaldehyde

o Tosylamide Formaldehyde Resin & Ethyl tosylamide

o Toluene

o Dibutyl phthalate

o Xylene

o triphenyl phosphate

o Camphor

o Animal ingredients

o Benzophenone-1

o styrene acrylates

* Also without perfume and parabens but not claimed.

* Further details are available in the PJR Care Guide for " 5, 7, 10/14 Free? " Ingredients in nail polish.

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