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Diamond Strengthener

Diamond Strengthener manual


As the nails age and are frequently used or painted, the nail plate may lose its natural resilience and tend to develop a yellow tint.

Diamond Strengthener contains diamond core particles that strengthen the nails and make them harder again.

And ensures that the nails return to a vibrant colour.


The diamond-core microparticles settle into the ridges of the nail plates and help prevent water from entering the nail plate, promoting nail plate growth after 4 weeks of regular use.



Day 1 : Apply 1 coat to clean, dry nails with the cuticles pushed back

Day 2: Apply a 2nd coat.

Day 3: Remove the 2 layers applied with PJR Care Polish remover and then repeat
treatment for a period of 5 days.

Elaborated Diamond Strengthener can loosen through thin layers after 1 day, remove
these before applying a new layer.


PJR Care Diamond Strengthener best strengthens the nails as a base layer on the nail.

Start the treatment again if necessary.

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