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PJR Care Rescue Oil

Product description:


A translucent, light yellow coloured treatment oil designed to nourish nails and replenish nutrients important to nail health. Orange essence provides a soft citrus scent when applied.


Special product features:


Based on the most suitable carrier oils for nutrient delivery through the skin, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, PJR Care Nail Rescue Oil contains a blend of fast-acting and powerful vitamins and nutrients to repair and nourish aged or damaged nails. A combination of antioxidant activity (Vitamin E and Vitamin C), moisturizing actives (Vitamin A) and the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C all provide immediate support for the nail structure.




• Contains a very active mix of nail-nourishing vitamins

• Contains natural aldehyde to cure nails

• Important active substances promote growth and hydration and restore flexibility



Apply a sufficient amount of Nail Rescue Oil to the nails and massage in to facilitate absorption. Make sure hands and nails are washed after treatment and are dry and grease free before painting the nails with nail polish. The oil can also be used after applying nail polish if completely dried.

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