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The Halal formula

Halal cosmetics have been on the rise lately. Especially in the Western world, where the demand for Halal cosmetics is increasing. To meet this demand, more and more Halal products are coming onto the market. PJR Care Nail Polish also contains this Halal formula. PJR Care Nail Polish is the first to be based on hygiene, from production to shipping. Furthermore, the raw materials of the polish do not contain any animal substances or ingredients. The polish is completely cruelty-free and vegan. In addition, the lacquer is permeable to oxygen and water and the PJR Care Nail Polish is also free from 10 harmful ingredients.

The definition of 'Halal' can be translated as 'complies with Islamic rules and legislation' and goes much deeper than just food. The Halal standards refer to the fact that the ingredients used are approved by Islamist rules. In addition, the way in which the product is made must also meet the requirements of Islamic regulations. The ground rules of a Halal product include that the products and raw materials are cruelty-free and must not be tested on animals. In addition, the ingredients may not come from certain animal species (including pigs, but also frogs, rats). be used and must not be dangerous to humans.PJR Care meets all these requirements and also has a specialized Halal certificate under close supervision.

Beyond the fact of the ingredients and the will to live more consciously, Halal nail polish stands out

including in the oxygen- and water-permeable formula.

According to our 'PJR Care Nail Polish' there are only advantages to a Halal nail polish: the nail polish contains healthy raw materials, is not tested on animals, allows the nail to breathe and is oxygen-permeable, easy to remove and leaves no color on the surface. nail.

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Karima Van Heiningen
Karima Van Heiningen
Sep 11, 2023

Does this mean that nail polsih immediately allows water to go through in case of preforming wudu this is a must and in order ' to comply with Islamic rules and legislation

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