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PJR Care Nail Rescue set consisting of:

1x PJR Care Nail Diamond strengthener (description)

1x PJR Care Nail rescue oil (description)

1x PJR Care Color: Choose to be healty

1x Small file

1x Wooden goat's leg

1x Cuticle pusher


Choose to be healty:
Color: Deep red
Stands for: Passion, enthusiasm, making your dreams come true.

* Exclusive base and topcoat

Choose to be healthy - PJR Care Nail rescue set

SKU: 8720514111710
€35.00 Regular Price
€17.50Sale Price
  • - 16 FREE
    - 100% Vegan
    - 83% Plant Based
    - 77% Natural Origin 
    - Halal (breathable & water permeable)
    - Cruelty Free
    - Better Nail Condition
    - Ultra Long Wear


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