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Color: Deep red

Stands for: Health, love, strength, physical energy power, fire and success.


Tip: For optimal quality and the amazing Gellak effect, we recommend using the nail polish in combination with the PJR Care Mirror top coat.

Choose to be healty

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€5.00 Regular Price
€2.00Sale Price
  • PJR Care Nail Polish (10 Free) is a vegan nail polish free of 10 ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

    PJR Care does not contain :

    Toluene / toluene

    Ditbutyl / dibutyl flatate

    Phthalate (DBP) / Phthalate

    Formaldehyde / formaldehyde
    Formaldehyde Resin / Formaldehyde Resin

    Camphor / camphor

    Parabens / parabens

    Xylene / xylene

    Ethyl Tosylamide / Ethyl Tosylamide
    Benzophenones / Benzophenones

    Animal Derived ingredient


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