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As the nails age and are frequently used or painted, the nail plate can lose its natural resilience and tend to develop a yellow tint. Diamond Strengthener contains diamond core particles that strengthen the nails and make them harder again. And ensures that the nails return to a vibrant color. 
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Day 1: Apply 1 coat to clean, dry nails with the cuticles pushed back

Day 2: Apply a 2nd coat.

Day 3: Remove the 2 applied layers with PJR Care Polish remover and then repeat the treatment for a period of 2 weeks.

Diamond Strengthener

SKU: 8720514110256
  • - 16 FREE
    - 100% Vegan
    - 83% Plant Based
    - 77% Natural Origin 
    - Halal (breathable & water permeable)
    - Cruelty Free
    - Better Nail Condition
    - Ultra Long Wear


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