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The Led-ish Led Lamp by PJR Care is the only lamp that cures the Led-ish properly.


Instructions for use:


Place your hand in the LED lamp after each coat of paint for 2 min. The lamp switches on automatically when you place your hand in the lamp and switches off automatically after 2 minutes.


We do not recommend using lamps with values other than the Led-ish Led Lamp.

Led-ish Led Lamp by PJR Care

SKU: 8720514110829
€35.00 Regular Price
€21.00Sale Price
    • Power = 48 W.
    • Light source: 33 x 395m LED only
    • LED life: 50,000 hours
    • Read the instructions for use
    • Comes with a European plug
    • Led-ish by PJR Care does not work in combination with light sources that deviate from the above values.
    • The Led-ish lamp by PJR Care does not cure gel polishes that harden at 365 / 405nm.


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