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For Ultra Shiny and Gellak effect.

Protects the nail polish against fading and discoloration and provides a protective layer over the painted nails so that they remain beautiful for as long as possible.

Tip:  If after a few days there are some scratches on the paint, but no real damage yet, 1 more layer of Mirror top coat can be applied to regain the shine of the paint.

*Apply a layer of Mirror top coat as soon as the nail polish is dry, and let it dry for at least 2 minutes.

Mirror Top Coat

SKU: 8720514110034
  • - 16 FREE
    - 100% Vegan
    - 83% Plant-Based
    - 77% Natural Origin 
    - Halal (breathable & water permeable)
    - Cruelty-Free
    - Better Nail Condition
    - Ultra-Long Wear


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